X10 Home Control

X10 is a language (or protocol) by which devices are controlled by utilizing the existing power lines to carry signals from transmitters to receivers.  This type of technology is also referred to as powerline carrier technology.

Just as your first and last name distinguish you from the rest of your family members, an X10 system

X10 PRO by Carolina Wiring Service, Inc.

communicates with each X10 device by using house codes and unit codes.  This allows you to turn on (1) one X10 device without affecting another in the system.  This is also what keeps your neighbor, who may also have an X10 system in their home, from turning on your lights.

X10 can control anything from lights to small appliances or from driveway gates to sprinkler systems.  Up to 256 different electronic devices can be controlled in an existing home without having to install any further wiring!!

There are numerous brands of X10 devices.  Depending on the application of the device, most are affordable for the average homeowner.  A basic X10 switch or lamp module usually runs around $25.00.  A simple application is to install X10 lamp modules on all your Christmas window lights and with the touch of a button on a remote controller, all the lights can be turned on at once.  Imagine not having to walk around the house and unplugging all those candles before you go to bed.

X10 PRO Lamp Module (front and back)
X10 PRO Lamp Module
(front and back)

There are several methods to remotely control X10 devices.  There are devices that turn IR (infrared) commands into X10 signals such as a remote control or a key fob.  RF (radio frequency) remotes can be used to distances of up to hundreds of feet.  If you choose RF as your method of control, then you must include a transceiver that converts radio frequency to powerline carrier signals.

A desktop controller is a popular way to control devices.  It sits on a countertop and can control numerous devices by on/off commands,

dim/bright commands, or all on and all off commands.  Some X10 devices can actually control other devices.  For example, an X10 motion detector floodlight can send an X10 signal to turn on a light and even activate an X10  remote chime module when motion is detected outside the home.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing that if someone comes into your yard, a simple module can alert you that's plugged into a standard receptacle inside your home.

When controlling more sophisticated home systems, a smarter controller is required.  A Central Control Unit (or CCU) acts as the main brain for the system, sending commands based on information programmed by the installer.  Prices vary, depending on the level of control needed, the amount of systems integrated with the X10 devices, the ease of use, and the number of devices supported by the controller.  Some can range in price from less than $100 to thousands of dollars.

Whole-House Control is easy with Carolina Wiring Service
Whole-House Controller

Any homeowner can easily install a basic X10 system with plug-in modules (like the ones pictured above).  The devices just plug into any wall outlet and the lamp or appliance plugs directly into them.  If more feature-packed devices are to be installed, those designed for scene control or require programming to integrate with other systems, we suggest contacting an experienced professional to design and install the components.

Hardwired X10 PRO Noise Filter
Hardwired Coupler/Repeater

X10 is a great alternative to control devices when conventional wiring is too difficult to install.  One potential problem we see when sending signals across a powerline is electrical "noise" that is produced on the powerline itself.  This "noise" is generated by all of the electronic devices we have in our homes; computers, appliances, TV's, fluorescent lights, and even baby monitors.  The interference created by these, and other, devices can alter the X10 signal sent or received by the X10 device, resulting in unreliable equipment.

A trained Systems Integrator can install proper noise filters and phase couplers to greatly improve your signal strength problems.

Carolina Wiring Service, Inc. has been trained in X10 technology and carry in-stock, many X10 devices for whatever application you may need.  We offer many different brands to choose from:  Lightolier, X10 PRO, PCS, and Leviton.  As a licensed Electrical Contractor, we prefer to install hardwired devices for more reliability but often times in existing homes, it is extremely expensive for the homeowner to hire an electrician to install wires in existing walls, and then have to hire a drywall contractor to repair sheetrock damage incurred while finding access inside the walls.  X10 offers homeowners an easy and convenient alternative.

There are many reasons to install X10 technology, not just convenience for the installer, but convenience to the homeowner.  The following are suggestions on what you can do with X10 technology;

  • Turn your lights off and on with a remote control while relaxing on the sofa
  • Turn lights on and off at a specific time each day of the week or specific days of the week
  • Turn all lights off by touching (1) one button when you leave home
  • Turn on selected lights by a key fob when returning home at night

  • Have the security system turn on all lights when it is activated
  • Have the security system turn on certain lights when the system is disarmed
  • Have lights come on and off at different times to give a lived-in look while you are away or on vacation
  • Use an X10 motion detector floodlight and remote chime to notify you if someone enters the driveway or comes in the yard

These are but a few of the thousands of applications that can be achieved with X10 technology, the possibilities are too numerous to list.  If you can think it up, there is a good possibility that it can be done.

For more information on X10 technology and how it can benefit you and your family, contact Carolina Wiring Service, Inc. today.  We also would like to invite you to come by our new Home Technology Showroom and Office on 740 Country Club Road in Rocky Mount, to see first-hand how these, and many other applications can enhance your life.

X10 Automation is for Everyone!

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