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Safety and Security for Your Family

The OnQ System supports your security needs, from fire and intruder detection to access and remote monitoring services.  Your OnQ System provides the framework for whatever level of security you desire.


Product Facts
  • Available in two systems, HMS 925 and HMS 1050

  • Provides a comprehensive set of security features

  • Lighting, HVAC and Auxiliary Device Control

  • HMS modules fit easily into the lower portion of the OnQ enclosure

  • HMS Systems can handle up to 96 security zones

  • Lighting control through either X10 Modules or ALC Lighting Control Modules

HMS Systems - The Ultimate in Security, Lighting Control and Home Automation
HMS Controller Board

Location of HMS Controller Board in OnQ Service Center
HMS Location in Service Center

The Home Management Systems (HMS) provide a comprehensive set of security features as well as lighting, HVAC and low voltage device control.  Two systems are available:  the HMS 925 provides basic security and home management features, and the HMS 1050 provides an enhanced set of home management features.  A capacity and feature matrix is shown near the bottom of this page.

Both systems offer the following features:

These systems can handle up to 96 zones (HMS 1050) with optional wireless sensor capability.  They can be partitioned and accept multiple keypads.  The systems have dial-out capability via an RJ-31x interface, and are UL listed.  A complete security system will require sensors and alerting devices, which are available from other sources.

Lighting Control:  Each panel can control lighting circuits equipped either with X10 modules (available from Carolina Wiring Service) or ALC Lighting Control Modules.  Lights can be controlled in response to an alarm event, by some other triggering event, by time of day or even remotely via the telephone.

HVAC Control: OnQ two-way communicating thermostats can be connected to the system for temperature control based on day and time as well as house occupancy / alarming status.  The thermostats can also be read and adjusted remotely from any telephone.  Temperature sensors can be connected to the system and the system can be programmed to dial out to a monitoring station or even your cellular phone when the temperature drops too low.  This can be especially useful at a vacation home that is not normally occupied.

Auxiliary Device Control: Relay modules allow the system to control devices such as lawn sprinkler systems, entry gates and garage doors.  It is even possible to shut down the furnace fan in the event of a fire alarm which will help minimize the spread of smoke through the house.

The various components of the Home Management System are described below.

OnQ Specifications

Home Management System Capabilities and Features


HMS 925

HMS 1050
Total Zones 16-32 16-96
Wireless Zones 16 64
X10 Addresses 32 128
ALC Lighting Control Addresses 31 124
Voltage Outputs (for Auxiliary device control) 8 8
Thermostats 4 64
Keypads 8 16
User Codes 16 99
Partitionable Areas 2 8
Programming Lines for Routines and Automated Events



Serial Interface Board (for PC connection) OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Speaker/Microphone inside Keypad OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Two-way Voice/Listen In OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Extended Vocabularies & User Customizable Phrases NO STANDARD
Message Display, Dial Out, Voice Annunciation NO STANDARD
User Recordable Memo Message and Message Log NO STANDARD
Ability to set Absolute Lighting Levels NO STANDARD

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