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Carolina Wiring Service, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are now carrying Pioneer - A Name You Know and Trust Home Theater Systems.  Pioneer offers high-end, high-quality Home Audio components that you have to see and hear to believe.  And because we are now a Pioneer dealer, we are able to buy directly from Pioneer.  What this means to you is that because we buy direct and not through a distributor, we don't have to deal with a middle-man and we can pass those savings on to you.

Pictured below are a few models of various Home Theater components offer by Pioneer and available through Carolina Wiring Service, Inc.  Come by our showroom or call today for information or to place an order.  We'll help you create the ultimate Home Theater experience right in your own living room.

The plasma display is one of the most exciting consumer electronics products to debut in the past decade. It's literally changing the shape of television, from the familiar CRT-type TV's that have been around for 50 years, to a sleek, nearly flat display that can hang on a wall. These new displays deliver high-definition television, and they serve both as TV's and computer monitors.

Pioneer PDP-5030HD 50" High Definition PureVision Plasma TV

The visually stunning PDP-5030HD (4" thick, yet 50" diagonally) delivers movies, sports, and concerts in full high-definition, and even up-converts analog signals to a 768 progressive display, for a vastly improved picture. Its Deep-Encased Cell Structure drastically reduces leakage of light and color to adjacent pixels to deliver new industry standards in brightness and contrast. When you're playing a movie, the PureCinema II function recreates each still frame, for a more film-like presentation. It is also a high-resolution Mac or PC monitor, able to process input up to, and beyond, XGA. All connections go though an outboard Media Receiver, which maintains totally digital transmission for the highest signal quality. The Media Receiver includes dual NTSC tuners so you can watch two channels at once, and provides a full complement of inputs (including a dedicated component-video input). Detachable side speakers and a table-top stand complete the picture.

The PDP-4330HD 43" High Definition PureVision Plasma TV is also available through Carolina Wiring Service.

Pioneer PRV-9000 Pro DVD-Video Recorder

The PRV-9000 Pro DVD-Video Recorder is a powerful tool that offers DVD recording to professional users-with the press of one button.
Delivering high speed, high quality and cost savings, it's ideal for video and audio archiving, training materials, video transfers, and other applications where the ability to quickly and easily record to DVD is essential. The PRV-9000 simplifies the recording and creation of high-quality DVD discs for playback in a variety of applications, with no authoring or computer system required.

Pioneer VSX-D912K 6.1 Digital A/V Receiver

If it's power, fidelity, and convenience you're looking for, the VSXD912K is the receiver for you. With 110 watts x 6 channels, the VSX-D912K has power in reserve. The Auto MCACC (Multi-channel Acoustic Calibration) provides a microphone that listens to each of your speakers and automatically adjusts them for distance and sound level ensuring that each channel of sound reaches you at the right time and at the right volume; all automatically! Extra digital inputs; 5 total with a front optical digital input provides needed flexibility when the video game or camcorder may be on the move. A pre-programmed learning LCD remote is the control center for all of your equipment; even in the dark. The VSX-D912K is a serious A/V receiver equipped with an all aluminum front panel and cool blue volume LED indicator putting this A/V receiver in the same league as the big boys.

Pioneer PD-F1009 301-Disc CD Player

If you've assembled a big CD collection over the years, load your favorites- let's say, 301 of them- into the PD-F1009. It displays disc titles from text-encoded discs and has an optical digital output for connection to a CD recorder. This machine offers random play and Best Selection Memory functions, and also plays your CD-R's and CD-RW's as well.

Remember - these and other models are all available from Carolina Wiring Service, Inc.  If you would like to view the specifications of each of these and other models manufactured by Pioneer, just click on this link to visit the Pioneer Electronics web site.


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