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Work From Home with OnQ

With the OnQ System, you're wired for work.  Plug in your computer, fax machine, modem and telephone, and you're connected to the world.  Need video conferencing?  Your OnQ System can handle it.  Multiple phone lines?  It's simple with OnQ!

The OnQ System even makes it simple to create an in-home local area network, linking computer and their peripherals together so their capabilities can be shared.

OnQ Network Modules and Hubs

NEW Product Facts
  • Provides connectivity for up to 5 computers for a local area network (LAN)

  • High-speed Category 5 termination point for ISDN or DSL digital data services

  • RJ45 8-pin modular jacks provide for time-saving termination and hassle-free connection changes

  • Multiple large cable accessways provide a professional appearance and enhance wire management

  • Half-width design facilitates easy positioning in the OnQ Enclosure with other OnQ modules

  • High-quality Category 5 termination using 110 style punchdown RJ45 modular jacks

OnQ Network Interface Module


OnQ Service Center

The OnQ Network Interface Module provides connectivity for an in-home Local Area Network (LAN) or a termination and connection point for distributing digital data services such as ISDN or DSL service.  Together, the OnQ Network Interface Module and the Network Hub form the heart of the OnQ 10BaseT / 100BaseT Ethernet LAN.

The OnQ LAN provides a convenient way to interconnect personal computers, servers and printers within the home.  Networked computers can also share access to high bandwidth services such as ISDN, DSL or cable modem service.

The Network Interface Module provides up to five RJ45 punchdown connections, which are wired with Category 5 cable to modular jack outlets located throughout the home.  The 110 style RJ45 modular jacks easily snap into the module and provide a simple point for connection changes in the OnQ Service Center.

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Product Facts
  • Provides connectivity for up to 4 or 8 computers or peripherals for a Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Network Hub compliant IEEE 802.3 / 10BaseT Ethernet specifications

  • Convenient LED status indicators on Network Hub

  • 4 Port Network Hub offers power supply and RJ45 keyed jumpers for network connection

  • NEW 8 Port Network Hub now available

  • 4 or 8 outlet options on Network Interface Module

Get Connected with OnQ


Networking Modules Location in OnQ Service Center
Location of Network Components
in the OnQ Service Center

To support an in-house data local area network (LAN), the OnQ enclosures can be equipped with a 4 port or 8 port Network Module and Network Hub.  Together, they form the heart of a 10BaseT / 100BaseT Ethernet LAN, capable of linking up to 4 or 8 computers and peripherals.

The OnQ Network Hub is an Ethernet / IEEE 802.3 10BaseT / 100BaseT repeater with 4 to 8 ports.  OnQ Network Hub Modules provide a convenient way to interconnect personal computers and print servers in a LAN for home or office use.

Each Network Hub module has four modular jack (RJ45) connectors for connection of up to 8 ports on the OnQ Network Interface Module.  The Network Interface Module provides up to eight 110 punchdown blocks which are wired with up to 100 meters of Category 5 data cable to modular jack outlets located throughout the home or office.  The Network Hub Module provides the full functionality of a multi-port Ethernet 10BaseT / 100BaseT repeater.  Ten status LEDs are provided to indicate hub status and link activity.  Each port has two associated LEDs.

NOTE:  Each computer or peripheral product will require an Ethernet interface device (network interface card or NIC) which can be obtained from the product's manufacturer or from a computer retailer.

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