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Better Resale Value with OnQ

Imagine buying a home without cable, without a dishwasher or without central heat and air.  Someday it will be as unimaginable to buy a home without a home wiring system like OnQ.  To make full use of the electronic capabilities that are increasingly part of our lives, you need a wiring system that can handle it with ease.  Installing OnQ today means that your house is more saleable in the future.

Help Protect the Resale Value of Your Home with OnQ

OnQ Outlets - For Today AND Tomorrow

Product Facts
  • Multi-gang installation of decorator outlets
  • Available in white, almond and ivory
  • One, two, three, four and six connector / jack configurations available
  • Snap-in identification icons
  • Outlets mount in standard electrical boxes
  • Decorator series fits Decora or other decorator faceplates
  • Decorator series color matched to Decora white faceplates
  • RJ45 Jacks wired in EIA/TIA 568A configuration
  • Component bulk packages available


OnQ Outlets

Outlets are the user's connection points in the OnQ system.  High quality modular, coaxial F and binding post connections allow connections for telephones and telephone devices (answering machines, fax machines), televisions and audio / video components (including digital satellite receivers), speakers, computers and computer peripherals.

OnQ outlets are designed to mount in standard electrical boxes or brackets.

Modular jacks are eight conductor RJ45 jacks, wired per the EIA/TIA 568A configuration standard.  They are designed for four pair Category 5 (CAT 5) unshielded twisted pair cable.  Wires are easily and reliably terminated using a wire punchdown tool.  Coaxial outlets use the industry-standard coaxial F connector.  The binding post connectors are provided in color coded (red and black) pairs to help the user maintain proper speaker polarity.   They can accommodate a cable terminated in a banana plug or spade lug, and also provide a secure, low-resistance connection for an unterminated, bare wire cable.

There are three "families" of outlets.  The "Standard" series provides an economical choice, and offers up to six jacks in one single gang sized plate.  The "Decorator" series provides a stylish, contemporary appearance.  And the OnQ "HideOut" outlet has smooth cover sides and protects the jacks and plugs, allowing you to place furniture very close to the wall.  Snap-in plastic icons on the "Decorator" and "HideOut" outlets help identify each jack's use.

Outlets are available with a single jack and with very useful combinations of jacks.  For example, the two jack outlets with telephone and coaxial jacks are ideal for connecting the digital satellite receiver, which must have phone access for ordering pay-per-view and other services.   A natural candidate in a home office would be the outlet having modular phone jacks, a "keyed" modular jack for a local area network (LAN) connection, and even a coaxial jack for a digital satellite - or cable-modem high speed Internet connectivity.

OnQ outlet kits consist of all components - plate, jacks, icons and mounting screws.  The "Decorator" series outlets require a Decora or decorator faceplate to complete the installation.

OnQ outlets allow you, the homeowner, maximum flexibility in connecting all digital services available today AND tomorrow.

new.gif (6196 bytes)  JUST RELEASED!!  New Styles of OnQ Plates!!  new.gif (6196 bytes)
Check back soon to see new styles!!

OnQ Decorator Style Plate
OnQ Decorator Style Plate
2-Port Configuration


4-Port Standard OnQ Plate
OnQ Standard Style Plate
4-Port Configuration


OnQ HideOut Plate
OnQ HideOut Style Plate
(pictured without cover)

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