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Universal Single Stage Thermostat
Universal Single Stage Thermostat

The OnQ System allows you to gain sophisticated control of your heating and cooling for maximum efficiency and lowest costs.

You can automatically have your system cut back during the night while you're asleep or during the day while you're at work, then have it come back up just before you wake up or arrive home so that you get just the right temperatures.

With zoned systems, you can achieve even greater efficiencies by controlling different areas of the house to match your lifestyle.

Thermostats and Temperature Sensors

Item Description
Indoor / Outdoor Temperature Sensor A rugged temperature sensor that provides a temperature reading and settable alarm point.
Universal Single Stage Thermostat A one heat/one cool stage communicating thermostat for electric or gas heat and single stage electric cooling systems.
Universal Heat Pump Thermostat A two heat/one cool stage communicating thermostat for conventional electric heat pump systems.
Universal Multi-Stage Thermostat A two heat/two cool stage communicating thermostat for multi-stage electric or gas heating and cooling systems.

Other OnQ Home Management Products

The OnQ HMS Homeowners Software package makes it easy for homeowners, who know their way around a computer, to program and modify the programming of an OnQ HMS.  This software, as well as all other OnQ products, are available from Carolina Wiring Service, Inc.

Customize the Way Your Home Runs with OnQ

OnQ HMS Homeowners Software

A homeowner's PC software program used to provide a higher degree of control over the HMS 925 and HMS 1050 than can be attained through the keypad.

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