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If you live in Rocky Mount or the surrounding areas, you are more than likely living in a Pegasus Satellite Television area.  What this means to you is that although your satellite service is being provided by DIRECTV, your monthly programming bill will be issued to you by Pegasus.  And Carolina Wiring Service is your headquarters in the Rocky Mount area for Pegasus Satellite Television.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you pick out the system and programming package that's right for you.  Many retailers will try to convince you that whatever "special" is running at the time is just what you need.  At Carolina Wiring Service, you won't be pressured into something that's not just right for you and your specific needs.  We cater to the individual, not the masses like huge retail chain stores.  We can offer you the personal attention and service you're looking for where they can not.

We also have an on-staff installation team who has years of experience in satellite installations.  Many large retail chains will sub-contract this portion of the work because they don't have a clue as to how to properly install it for you.  You end up with equipment that you hope is right for you, programming that's the special of the month and then you have to pay someone to install it for you that you may not know or trust.

At Carolina Wiring Service, we take care of you, our customer.   We help you pick out the right equipment, we help guide you in selecting the right programming package, offer a knowledgeable sales staff and on-staff professional installers to complete your new system and get you watching satellite television without any hassles.  The large retail chain stores can't offer you that.

Come by and see us today and find out what makes Carolina Wiring Service different.

Below you will find the programming packages being offered by DIRECTV.  This being offered to you on our web site to show the variety of packages that are available for you to pick from.

Total Choice®

Over 110 channels of great entertainment including 31 commercial-free Music Choice music channels.

Sports Programming
Network Programming Additional Receiver
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Total Choice®  Back to Top

If you want the best entertainment variety at a great value, you'll love Total Choice!  This package delivers over 110 channels of news, family variety, music, sports and movie programming.  You can even receive your local in-market regional sports network for free, as long as your DIRECTV System receiver is continuously connected to a land-based phone-line.

Here's your Total Choice® line-up in alphabetical order:

DIRECTV offers you more flexibility
Channel Name Channel #
A & E 265
ABC Family 311
American Movie Classics (AMC) 254
America's Store 243
Animal Planet 282
BBC America 264
Black Entertainment Television (BET) 329
Bloomberg Television 353
Bravo 273
Cartoon Network 296
The Church Channel 371
CNBC 355
CNBC World 357
CNN 202
CNNfn / CNN International 358
Comedy Central 249
Country Music Television (CMT) 327
Court TV 203
C-SPAN 350
C-SPAN2 351
DayStar Television Network 369
Discovery Channel 278
Discovery Health 279
Disney Channel (East) 290
Disney Channel (West) 291
E! Entertainment Television 236
ESPN 206
ESPN Classic 208
ESPN2 209
Food Network 231
Fox Movie Channel 258
Fox News Channel 360
FX 248
Galavision 404
Game Show Network 309
Hallmark Channel 312
Headline News 204
The Health Network 368
The History Channel 269
Home & Garden Television (HGTV) 229
Home Shopping Network (HSN) 240
Independent Film Channel (IFC) 550
Lifetime 252
Lifetime Movie Network 253
MTV 331
MTV2 333
Fuse 339
Music Choice (31 channels of digital quality audio) 802-843
National Geographic Channel 276
Newsworld International 366
Nickelodeon / Nick at Nite (East) 299
Nickelodeon / Nick at Nite (West) 300
Noggin/ The N 298
Outdoor Life Network 608
Oxygen 622
PBS You 377
PAX TV 255
QVC 317
SCI-FI Channel 244
Shop At Home Network 234
ShopNBC 370
Speed Channel 607
TBS Superstation 247
TechTV 354
The Learning Channel (TLC) 280
Spike TV 325
TNT 245
Toon Disney 292
Travel Channel 277
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) 372
TRIO 315
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) 256
Turner South
(Blackout restrictions apply.  Available to subscribers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and parts of North Carolina)
TV Land 301
Univision 402
USA Network 242
USA Network 242
VH1 335
WE:  Women's Entertainment 260
The Weather Channel 362
WGN Superstation 307
World Network 373
WorldLink TV 375
YES Network 622
*  To receive in-market local sports programming, your receiver must be continuously connected to a land-based phone line.


DIRECTV® is a Sports Fan's Dream-Come-True 

Sports Fans Heaven!!

Pegasus brings you the best sports action from around the country with Total Choice Sports and a variety of out-of-market professional and college sports subscriptions from DIRECTV, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and college football and basketball.

Total Choice® Sports delivers over 25 specialty sports networks, including the Golf Channel, ESPN Classic Sports, Speedvision and Outdoor Life.

You'll receive over 20 regional sports networks from FOX Sports and SPORTSCHANNEL, in addition to all the games available with Total Choice on ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNN, TNT, USA and WGN.

Plus you'll receive your in-market local sports programming as long as your receiver is continuously connected to a land-based phone line.


Local Network Programming 

Locals now available in Rocky Mount area!!
For those that live in the Rocky Mount, NC and surrounding areas, you can now receive local network programming.
Call today for details!!
Local Network Channel Listing
PBS - WUNC 4 - Channel 944
CBS - WRAL 5 - Channel 945
ABC - WTVD 11 - Channel 946
NBC - WNCN 17 - Channel 947
WB - WLFL 22 - Channel 948
UPN - WRDC 28 - Channel 949
Independent - WKFT - Channel 950
FOX - WRAZ 50 - Channel 951
PAX - WRPX 47 - Channel 952



More choices with DIRECT TICKET!!

DIRECT TICKET is like having a video store in your own home.  It offers you up to 55 movies every night, with the hits starting every half-hour.  And that's not the best part - each movie is only $3.99 when ordered with your remote control.  No more crowded video stores, no late fees and all of your movies come to you in digital picture and sound.

DIRECT TICKET also offers exciting special events, including concerts, wrestling and more.

Access to DIRECT TICKET is available with any DIRECTV programming package.  To order movies or events with your remote control, your receiver must be continuously connected to a land-based phone line.  A $3.00 order assistance fee applies if you order by calling Customer Care.


Additional Receivers:  You Can Watch DIRECTV In More Than One Room In Your Home and Watch a Different Channel than the other Receiver 

Additional Receivers and Accessories available at Carolina Wiring

To obtain the flexibility of watching different programs on different television sets within your home, you will need to purchase an additional receiver.

These receivers are sold separately and available at Carolina Wiring Service, Inc.  An upgrade to your DIRECTV System may be required.  Call us today at (252) 442-3932 or visit our showroom at 740 Country Club Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 to see our selection of complete systems, additional receivers and accessories.

AND, adding on additional receivers doesn't cost an arm and a leg on a monthly basis.  If your DIRECTV System receivers are connected to the same land-based phone line, then Pegasus can mirror your existing programming package for only $4.99 per month for each additional receiver in your home.  It's a small price difference in your monthly programming bill for all of the convenience, flexibility and control you are offered.

Need more than one additional receiver to go with your system??  No problem!!  Our qualified and trained installation team can get you up and going in no time.


Customer Care 

Quality Customer Service

Pegasus, like Carolina Wiring Service, is dedicated to providing exceptional customer car.  From billing questions to programming changes to helping you troubleshoot your DIRECTV System, Pegasus is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Just call 1-800-497-1117 and a Customer Care Specialist will assist you.

Need to pay your bill?

At this time, unfortunately, there are no payment centers in the Rocky Mount area.   When you receive your bill, the only way to send your payment to Pegasus is through the mail.

DIRECTV System Overview
     Parts of a DIRECTV System
     Putting it all together
     How does it work?
     Standard Features of DIRECTV

Parts of a DIRECTV System

  1. 18" Satellite Dish - consists of a mounting foot, support arm and actual dish.  Bolts and self-locking nuts are included to assemble these parts.

  2. LNB - Low Noise Block - this part fits on the end of the support arm; it collects the incoming signals reflected off of the dish and sends it through coaxial cable to the DIRECTV receiver.

  3. Receiver - This is the brains of the operation.  The compact black box receives the signal from the LNB and converts the digital data into television pictures and CD-quality sound.

  4. Access Card - The receiver will not receive programming without a valid access card.  The access card "descrambles" the programming and authorizes the customer's programming selection.

  5. Remote Control - This is always a "universal" remote, which means it can be programmed to operate the TV, VCR, Surround Sound System as well as the DIRECTV System.

  6. Owners Manual / Instruction Manual - Every new DIRECTV System comes with an owners manual and an installer guide.  Reading and following these booklets will help in the education process.

Putting it all together
  1. Coaxial Cable - The recommended type of cable is called RG-6 or RG-6 Quad Shield; you will need several pieces of RG-6 or RG-6 Quad Shield cable to connect your system:
         *  From the LNB to the grounding block
         *  From the grounding block to the wall plate
         *  From the wall plate to the receiver
         *  From the receiver to the television

  2. Connectors - to attach the cable, a connector is used called an "F" connector.  This is a threaded connector that allows you to properly fasten the RG-6 cable to the connections.

  3. Telephone wire - the DIRECTV System needs to be hooked up to a land-based phone line, to allow you to order pay-per-view movies with your remote control and to allow you to watch in-market regional sports networks and out-of-market sports packages.

  4. Dish mounting hardware - where you mount a DIRECTV dish will determine what kind of hardware you may need.  When mounting into wood, you may need lag bolts.  Masonry expansion anchors may be needed for mounting to a brick facing.  Consult your installation manual for best results.

All of the parts needed for installing DIRECTV can be found in a self-installation kit available at Carolina Wiring Service or the parts can be purchased individually at a local hardware or electronics store.

How Does It Work?

WELCOME to the Satellite Age!!

Your life is already, in some way, affected by satellite technology.  Your pager may be connected to satellite; some of your long distance may be delivered via satellite; most of the TV you watch, even if it's cable or antenna, is delivered by satellites.

Satellites began delivering television signals to local network providers in the 1970's.  Eventually, this technology reached consumers with the "big-dish", commonly called C-Band.  C-Band technology was expensive for the consumer.  The next product to emerge on the consumer market was mid-power, Ku-Band satellites; this is similar to PRIMESTAR® and requires a smaller dish than the original C-Band dishes.

The 1990's brought the introduction of DBS, Direct Broadcast Satellite.  DBS allowed consumers to watch a wide variety of programming at affordable prices through a small 18" dish with a picture quality superior to cable.   DIRECTV and USSB® were the pioneers of the DBS industry.

DIRECTV has chosen to carry the channels it does because of extensive consumer research.  The way the system works is:

  • The programmer, let's say The History Channel, uplinks its programming with a satellite.

  • DIRECTV downlinks the programming to its operations center in Castle Rock, Colorado.

  • DIRECTV then uplinks the programming to DBS-1, its geosynchronous satellite that sits in an Earth orbit 22,300 miles out in space.

  • DBS-1 broadcasts the programming toward Earth where it is received by millions of DIRECTV dishes.

  • All of this takes just a split second t perform and it's done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  (366 days on leap year)

Standard Features of DIRECTV

The DIRECTV System - It's not just TV!!

There are currently three manufacturers of DIRECTV equipment - Thomson Consumer Electronics (which markets under the RCA, GE and ProScan names), Sony Electronics and Hughes Network Systems.

The receivers made by these companies vary somewhat in style and in the number of features, but they all perform the same essential functions.   They process hundreds of channels of programming and generate on-screen menus to help viewers set up the system, test the system, navigate their way through programming choices, set locks and limits, order pay-per-view programming through the remote controls and even choose a color scheme for the viewer interface.

Standard Features of DIRECTV (all receiver brands)

  • On-screen customizable programming guide - types of guides include:
         *  Grid Guide similar to a TV schedule listed in newspapers
         *  Info Guide shows condensed grid guide and brief description of selected program
         *  Topic Guide allows the viewer to sort by topic, such as "movies" or "sports"
         *  Channel Guide displays in a channel-by-channel format

  • One touch information guide on each program selection.

  • Icon-based channel guides for quick reference.

  • Built-in modem for one-button remote control pay-per-view purchases.

  • Universal remote control.

  • 32-bit, high speed processor for quick responsive viewer guide.

  • Dual LNB outputs for connecting more than one receiver.

  • Locks and Limits - easy remote control access to blocking out programs with certain ratings, specific channels or placing a limit on monthly or per event pay-per-view spending.  Lock-out features are specific to the receiver they are programmed on and can be changed with a password.

  • Second programming feed connection on back of receiver for connection to antenna or cable.

  • Audio and video outputs for connection to home theater / stereo components.

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