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Technology Changes Fast - Keep Up with OnQ

Because technology changes rapidly, you need a wiring system designed to handle whatever you throw at it, a system that won't become obsolete because it can't handle the new technologies like digital television, high-speed internet access, or video-on-demand.

The OnQ Wiring System uses wiring that surpasses the needs of today so you're ready for the technology of tomorrow.

Residential Telecommunication Cables

NEW Product Features
Designed specifically for high performance residential applications
  • 4 Pair Unshielded Twisted Pair tested and verified by ETL to exceed TIA/EIA 568-A Category 5 standards

  • Ideal for high performance telecommunications applications including ISDN and DSL services, home office, Internet access, computer data and fax transmissions

  • Supports bandwidth requirements to 100 MHz

  • High performance Category 5 for voice plus data to 100 Mbps

  • High performance quad shield Series 6 coax for all video transmissions

  • Supports data networking protocols including 10Base-T (Ethernet), 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet and 155 Mbps ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)

  • UL and cUL listed

  • Rated for behind the wall, riser applications per NEC

  • Green outer jacket for easy identification as a certified component of the OnQ Home Wiring System

OnQ Residential Cabling


High Performance Quad Shield Coaxial Cable


OnQ Service Center

The OnQ Structured Wiring System uses the highest quality cables available for telephone, video and high speed data.  The Category 5 unshielded twisted pair cable provides 4 separate pairs used for voice, modem, fax or a home computer network.  Cat 5 cable handles data rates up to 100 Mbps.  The Cat 5 cables are "home run" from each wall plate location to an OnQ service center (pictured at left) for central connection to incoming telephone services or home networking.  The cable has a convenient reference mark every foot for easy length determination.  The cost of Cat 5 high performance cable is minimal versus standard grade voice cabling.

The OnQ Structured Wiring System is the wiring foundation that allows you to upgrade your video transmissions, voice, data and system control.  It also accommodates present AND future digital and video services from the telephone, cable and satellite service providers.

The Series 6 (RG-6) coax cable is quad shielded (four layers of protection) for maximum shielding effectiveness.  It meets the most stringent FCC and cable company performance requirements for GHz bandwidth.   The coax cable is also installed "home run" from each wall plate to the OnQ service center.

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Give Carolina Wiring Service, Inc. a call to find out how you can enhance your lifestyle and help ensure the future resell value of your home with the OnQ Structured Wiring System and Distribution Modules.

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