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Ultimate Lighting Control with ALC

With the OnQ System, you can control lighting throughout your home.  When you're not home, you can set the lights to turn on and off in random patterns to give your home a lived-in look, much more realistic than timers could ever be.

When you are home, you can control your lights for different times of the day.  Turn on lights before you get up on a cold, dark morning or turn off lights after you've gone to bed.

Or you can set your lighting patterns for different needs, from minimal for watching TV to maximum lighting for games and hobbies.

ALC Lighting Control

Product Facts
  • Programmable Power and Enhanced Lighting Control:
    • Create lighting scenes
    • Create "lived-in" look while you're away
    • Link multiple lights to one switch
  • Used with HMS 925 or 1050 Home Management Systems
  • Attractive Decorator Style Switches and Dimmers
  • Control:
    • Light Groups
    • A/C Outlets
    • Appliances
  • Control By:
    • HMS System Keypads
    • ALC Switch Modules
    • Any Touch-Tone Phone
  • Standard Electrical Wiring Practices
    (NM Cable)
  • UL Compliant
    • UL 985 (fire)
    • UL 1023 (burglary)
  • CVL Compliant

Advanced Lighting Control by Carolina Wiring Service
ALC Controller and ALC Switches

Is Your Home "Wired For Living"

Location of ALC Lighting Control Board
ALC Lighting Control Board Location

ALC Dimmer Switch Module
ALC Dimmer Switch Module

ALC Relay Switch Module
ALC Relay Switch Module

The Lighting Control system (ALC) provides the homeowner with the ability to control and program house lighting with more versatility than ever before.  Switches and dimmers can be programmed to control more than a single light or outlet.  Complete "lighting scenes" can be created and stored for recall at the touch of a switch, time of day or event action.

Dimming levels can be preset or easily changed to new levels by the user.  The ALC Interface module, switches and dimmers are an optional add-on to either the HMS 925 or 1050 Home Management Systems.  In addition, the ALC can be programmed to work in "House Mode" scenarios.  For example, an "at home" mode would set all indoor and outdoor lighting levels, arm or disarm the security system, set the heating or cooling level and open the drapes.  Multiple house mode settings are possible with the HMS system.   The HMS / ALC system responds instantly to system commands or a lengthy program macro.

System programming (security, energy, appliances, lighting) can be done by the interested home owner using the OnQ HMS Homeowners Software or the trained technicians at Carolina Wiring Service, Inc. can do it for you.  Although the HMS system also controls lighting using X10 modules, the ALC system adds enhancements and versatility above what an X10 system offers.

The ALC interface module for the HMS 925 system offers 31 points of lighting and/or appliance control.  The ALC interface module for the HMS 1050 system offers 4 branches of 31 points for a total of 124 lighting and/or appliance control points.  The ALC Interface Module is mounted onto the HMS system controller with a jumper connection for power and communications.   Control, status and programming information is entered and displayed on the HMS keypad LCD readout.

ALC wall switches include four types:  Relay Switches (for on-off lighting/power control), Dimmer Switches (for light dimming control), Auxiliary Switches (for "slave" control of a relay or dimmer switch) and Program Switches for programmed control of a relay or dimmer switch.

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Give Carolina Wiring Service, Inc. a call to find out how you can enhance your lifestyle and help ensure the future resell value of your home with the OnQ Structured Wiring System and Distribution Modules.

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